10'C, a Chinese Lagugae ICT-Based Learning and Teaching Programme


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           In 2008, the Educational Technology Division (ETD), MOE, started a collaborative project with 10 schools with a view of levelling up the competency level of our pupils in the target language.
   10'C leverages the use of ICT to promote pupils¨ interest in the Chinese Language, and to improve on their reading and writing skills in an interactive environment. 10'C adopts a student-centred model which is well-balanced with teachers¨ guidance and facilitation, as advocated by Professor He Ke Kang from the School of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University. It facilitates independent, differentiated learning and peer interaction.
   In the 10'C project, pupils use networked computers to access extended reading materials and create different pieces of writing, all of which are specially designed to reinforce the respective lesson objectives stated in the syllabus. With its focus on language use, the programme provides ample opportunities for pupils to consolidate and expand their learning, as well as experience incremental successes in their writing.
   The use of computer-assisted writing enables pupils to leverage their knowledge of hanyu pinyin to express themselves via text input. IMG_9607.jpg (156391 bytes)This is especially helpful to pupils who may have passive competency in the target language, but not the ability to manage the written Chinese text on their own. Such a facility has helped unleash pupils¨ potential in writing, especially amongst those at the lower primary level. Such an approach also encourages pupils to learn and create in a non-threatening environment.
   The programme is in concert with MOE's "Teach Less, Learn More" initiative where much of the learning takes place collaboratively and intuitively, and is carried out according to the pace at which the pupil learns. In addition, the focus of the project is aligned to the primary Chinese Language syllabus (2007) guidelines that emphasize authentic language use, and independent and differentiated learning.
   ETD has specially set up a centralised e-learning platform for 10'C. The platform has the following features:
  • A rich repository of multimedia reading resources
  • Customisable individual home pages and blogs for teachers and pupils in the programme
  • A "billboard" for students to showcase their works
  • Functions such as editing, posting comments and rating for peer evaluation